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September 28, 2019 - November 3, 2019

There is a type of exchange between humans and nature that remains deeply rooted at the core of our beings on the planet. This intrique—eroding over time on a grand scale in American culture—makes frequent appearances today in various forms of contemporary art in the wake of widespread climate concerns and many other systemic anxieties affecting communities on a grand scale. In the hectic nature of our everyday lives, the quiet, simple hum of the reciprocal romance with nature can get lost in all the noise.


Biophilia is a group exhibition of paintings and works on paper by artists from across the US that explores the human relationship with plants and living things on earth through the lens of contemporary painting. The relationship between the human and botanical—unique to each person, non-verbal, intuitive and unspoken—a mysterious and perhaps clairvoyant experience. Painting, then, seems like an appropriate channel through which to investigate the bond between people and plants.

Comprised of artwork being made within the past year, this show attempts to capture some small fragment of the zeitgeist, and present work that considers the ways in which our connection with nature is present today. The exhibition takes inspiration from the desert landscape surrounding the gallery—the desert being a place inviting quiet introspection, and the value and viability of life in an arid environment. Together, this collection of work provides an occasion for reflection and consideration of this deep—though perhaps dormant—elemental intimacy.

Artists Include:
Howard Fonda @fondahoward

Delphine Hennelly @delphinehennelly 
Greg Ito @gregitooo 
Haley Josephs @haley.josephs 
Aaron Elvis Jupin @jupescoops 
Karen Lederer @krlederer 
Nat Meade @natmeade
Laurie Nye @laurienye 
Padma Rajendran @padmavathy_r 
Kathia St. Hilaire @kathiast.hilaire 
Christina Van Der Merwe 
Jasmine Zelaya @z_e_l_a_y_a 

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